terça-feira, 5 de novembro de 2019

De onde vêm as Frequências da Reconnective Healing (Cura Reconetiva)?

«Where do the Reconnective Healing Frequencies come from?

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«Reconnective Healing is a return to Wholeness. It is Life Progress. At the forefront of its field, it is a new level of healing that scientists and researchers feel we can access for the very first time. Reconnective Healing completely transcends traditional energy healing techniques. It allows us to let go of the concept, approach and even the need for technique itself while including the benefits of all known energy healing methods. It is neither a therapy nor a treatment, as it does not focus on symptoms. It is something much, much more.⁣»

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Ângela Antunes
Praticante Profissional formada por Eric Pearl
(Foundational Practitioner & The Reconnetion Certified Prectitioner)

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Cura Reconetiva e A Reconexão
Odivelas / Lisboa / à Distância (Cura Reconetiva)
Email: reconexao.angelaantunes@gmail.com

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